Motor Vehicle Crimes

Essex County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

The number of possible offenses with a motor vehicle are literally in the hundreds. A speeding ticket is certainly among the most common. Some speeding tickets are more serious than others, particularly in areas with children. Pedestrians and cyclists have rights in Massachusetts, and the violation of those rights can lead to a citation. There can also be offenses such as driving with an expired license. Whatever the reason the police officer issued a citation, drivers should not just give in without a fight. There can be costly consequences to citations and our Essex County traffic ticket lawyer may be able to help. 

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Reasons to Fight a Traffic Ticket

When a ticket doesn’t involve the threat of jail ,the way it would with OUI or reckless driving charges, it may be tempting for a person to want to just pay the ticket and get it over with. The sentiment is understandable—people have busy lives and the prospect of a court date and dragging this out might seem unnecessary. But the fact a sentiment is understandable does not mean it is accurate. There are very serious consequences to even everyday traffic violations that can make the fight worth it. 

Consider the following consequences to pleading guilty on a traffic ticket: 

  • Your insurance rates will almost certainly go up. Moreover, a recent traffic citation can make it more difficult to change carriers in the event your current insurance premiums skyrocket after a ticket. 
  • You are one step closer to losing a license. Under Massachusetts law, three tickets in a year mean the suspension of a driver’s license. 
  • You’ll have a record. The next time you get pulled over, the police officer on the scene may be less inclined to let you slide with a warning, in light of this record. Another consequence of having a record is that contesting a second ticket in court may be more difficult. While the circumstances of every case are different, drivers have, all else being equal, a better chance of winning when they challenge the first ticket than those that may come after .
  • Future background checks. Your driving history is included when a landlord or employer runs a background check. True, for most people, one ticket for driving 85mph down the Mass Turnpike isn’t going to ruin the chances of getting a job or a place to live. But someone who builds up a record or wants to do a job that requires driving? Now, there might be a problem.

How to Fight a Traffic Ticket in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has a 2-step process for contesting a traffic ticket. It begins by going in for a clerk’s hearing. In this step, the police officer who issued the citation is not present. Law enforcement is represented by an attorney who reads the report that was written up at the time. Our Essex Country traffic ticket lawyer can take the lead for the defense. 

If the clerk upholds the ticket, there is still the option to go before a judge. In a full court hearing, the police officer will have to testify and be subject to cross-examination. 

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