• Alexander Conley

Salem - Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle - General Continuance

Our client was in the process of breaking up with his girlfriend. After an argument one evening, he decided he would bring her some of her stuff that he had in his possession. He had been staying with his aunt at the time, and decided to take his aunt's car to return the stuff. When his aunt found out he had taken her car, she called the police. The police responded and called our client, who immediately returned the vehicle. Nonetheless, our client was arrested and charged with using a motor vehicle without authority. The charge is less serious than theft of a vehicle, but nonetheless carries a risk of jail time, including a minimum mandatory sentence of 30 days in jail.


Attorney Alexander Conley represented our client. Our client was young, and did not have a significant criminal record. Attorney Conley negotiated with the District Attorney's Office, explaining our client's positive life path and the fact that his actions did not cause any harm. The District Attorney's Office was unable to talk to our client's aunt, but based on the information provided by Attorney Conley, agreed to grant our client a General Continuance.


This result spared our client from any risk at trial, or any consequences of a guilty plea or an admission. The case was continued for a period of time during which our client was simply required not to be charged with any additional crimes. At the end of that period the case would be dismissed.

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