• Alexander Conley

Salem - Domestic Assault & Battery - Dismissed

Our client called 911 to report that our client's brother was going crazy, and smashing objects with a broom in their home. When the police arrived, our client, our client's brother, and our client' mother were interviewed, and our client was alleged to have chased, tackled, and punched the brother earlier that evening. The police observed and photographed the injuries on our client's brother. Our client also admitted to the police that there had been an altercation. As a result of these statements and the observed injuries, and our client was arrested and charged with Assault & Battery on Household or Family Member. No other charges were filed.


Attorney Alexander Conley represented our client. Although our client's brother did not wish to pursue the charges against our client, the District Attorney's Office did not dismiss the case. Instead a trial date was set. At this trial date, none of the witnesses that the Prosecutor summonsed appeared. Attorney Conley thus moved for the case to be dismissed for a lack of prosecution. A judge agreed with Attorney Conley and the case was dismissed.


Our client was spared a criminal conviction and the potentially serious punishments of domestic violence charge. If you or a loved one are facing a domestic or other assault & battery charge, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for a free consultation.

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