• Alexander Conley

Clinton - Unlicensed Operation - Dismissed

Our client was seen operating a vehicle when the police ran a random license plate check. This check indicated that our client did not have a valid driver's license. The police pulled our client over and discovered that he was driving with a valid Connecticut License. However his vehicle was registered to a Massachusetts address, and our client told the officers that he was living in Massachusetts. Our client was thus charged with unlicensed operation based on his failure to update the address.


Our client requested and was provided with a Clerk Magistrate's hearing. Our client chose to attend this hearing without an attorney. The Clerk decided that a complaint would issue, and it did.

Our client then decided to hire Aprodu | Conley, PLLC for the matter. Attorney Alexander Conley represented our client at the first court date. Attorney Conley walked our client through the process, and discussed the matter in detail with District Attorney's Office. Based on this discussion, the District Attorney's Office agreed to dismiss the case upon the payment of only $50 in Court Costs.


Our client's case was dismissed after one Court date. Because there was no guilty finding or admission, our client was saved from the possible punishments for this criminal charge.

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