Alexander Conley is a founding partner of Aprodu | Conley. Attorney Conley has been practicing criminal law in Massachusetts since becoming licensed, as an attorney at the the Coughlin Law Group in Boston. He has represented numerous clients throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in District and Superior Courts. Attorney Conley has also prepared criminal appeals and appeared before the the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

Currently, Attorney Conley primarily handles all criminal matters at Aprodu | Conley, as well as certain civil litigation cases. Along with his private clients, Attorney Conley represents indigent criminal clients in the Private Counsel Division of the Committee for Public Counsel Services, in both trial court and appellate matters. He also maintains an Of Counsel position in criminal matters at Brooks Law Firm in Medford, Massachusetts.

During Law School, Attorney Conley worked in Civil Litigation, clerked for a Judge of the Boston Municipal Court, and worked for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

Attorney Conley graduated magna cum laude from New England Law | Boston. At New England Law, Attorney Conley held a number of leadership positions, and was a published editor of the New England Law Review.

Attorney Conley grew up in North Carolina, where he graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington magna cum laude. He currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts.





New England Law | Boston


Magna cum laude

University of North Carolina - Wilmington


Magna cum Laude


Obscene Terrorism: Can the First Amendment’s Obscenity Framework be Applied to Terrorist Speech?

51 New Eng. L. Rev. 345 (2017)

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